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Comes With:

Silver and Black

(WxHxD):  483mm x 45mm x 195mm

(+100mm behind for cabling)


240 Volts, Approx 10 Watts (0.04 Amps)

Mains lead, 4 x audio cables

(2 x input leads and 2 output leads), instructions.

2 Channel Digital Feedback Destroyer

Only 1 needed for 1 or 2 microphones

This clever device detects feedback and near instantly suppresses it automatically.  It of course does not eliminate feedback totally as nothing can truly do that but it does allow for far higher speaker volumes when using lapel and other sensitive microphones that would otherwise be possible.  Feedback depends on a great many factors such as hard walls and floors, the amount of soft furnishings (to absorb sound reflections) etc with the most important thing being careful speaker placement so as to be away from the microphone use area.  Many sound engineers now consider these to be essential when using any type of lapel microphone which are far more sensitive than handheld and to some degree headset / desk microphones which also suffer from feedback much more than handheld types.  Whilst nothing can eliminate feedback, this does allow you to get much more ‘useable’ PA  volumes than would otherwise be possible.

£30 (single day hire)

£60 (up to 10 days hire)

Hire Duration

Optional Damage & Loss Waiver

When ordering more than 1 item please add these to

the basket individually.  This will allow you to choose

options (where applicable) for each item you add.

Optional Insurance: Our popular ‘loss & damage waiver’ just got better. Now priced at just 12% of the hire charge of the main page item only.

Any extra’s from the same page are covered at no extra charge.

Audio Visual Hire... Sales... Installation... for over 24 years

0845 296 8820