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1 x Phono (composite video) + 2 Phono (L + R stereo audio).

  (1 x 2m triple phono lead included).


8 x Phono (composite video) + 16 x Phono (L + R stereo audio).

(WxHxD):  320mm x 55mm x 148mm (varies on stock).

Approx 3Kg.

Negligible - 240V, less than 0.1 Amps (under 25 Watts).

U.K. 240V mains adaptor, 2m Triple Phono Input Lead.

An 8 output  AV (audio & video) distribution amplifier / splitter.  This is a mains powered unit which takes the composite video & stereo audio signals from a DVD player (mainly) but this could also be from a games console (using the consoles  AV lead) or a video camera etc. and gives 8 identical high quality signals for distribution for up to 8 screens.

Technical Stuff:
Input connector:


Output connectors:




Comes With:

8 Output AV Distribution Amplifier

Sends 1 DVD (type) signal to up to 8 screens

(PLUS AUDIO if required)

£75 (up to 10 days hire)

All distribution items INCLUDE on site set up time

But NOT the installation of long cables (over 5m)

NOTE: You will also need to order additional AV signal

output leads from this unit to every screen (only if)

these are required to be longer than the 5 metres included with

our screens (NOTE: 5 metres is the lead length NOT the distance).

You may also wish to order these (and any other leads)

early and have them shipped for laying under a floor etc.

When ordering more than 1 item please add these to

the basket individually.  This will allow you to choose

options (where applicable) for each item you add.

Optional Insurance: Our popular ‘loss & damage waiver’ just got better. Now priced at just 12% of the hire charge of the main page item only.

Any extra’s from the same page are covered at no extra charge.

Optional Damage & Loss Waiver

Audio Visual Hire... Sales... Installation... for over 24 years

0845 296 8820