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Technical Stuff:
Input connectors:


Output connectors:




Comes With:

1 x HD-15(F) (standard female PC connection) (VGA).

 this accepts a male VGA lead. (1 x 2m lead included).

PLUS 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack socket for audio.

  accepts 3.5mm stereo jack plug

  (standard PC audio connector).

  (1 x 2m standard 3.5mm stereo jack lead included).

Black or Cream (depending on stock).

8 x HD-15(F) (standard female PC connection) (VGA).

 these accept male VGA leads - see note below.

PLUS 8 x 3.5mm stereo jack sockets for audio.

  accept 3.5mm stereo jack plugs

  (standard PC audio connector).

(WxHxD):  210mm x 53mm x 118mm (varies on stock).

Approx 1.8Kg.

Negligible - 240V, less than 0.1 Amps (under 25 Watts).

U.K. 240V mains adaptor,

2m VGA Input Lead, 2m 3.5mm Jack Audio Input Lead.

A compact 8 output  VGA distribution amplifier / splitter.  This is a mains powered unit which takes the signal output from

1 PC or Laptop and gives 8 identical high quality signals for distribution for up to 8 screens. (VISION and AUDIO signals).

8 Output VGA Distribution Amplifier (with audio)

Sends 1 VGA (PC) signal to up to 8 screens

(AUDIO is SUPPORTED on this version)

£85 (up to 10 days hire)

All distribution items INCLUDE on site set up time

But NOT the installation of long cables (over 5m)

NOTE: You will also need to order additional Male to Male

VGA output leads  (plus audio if required) from this unit to every screen (only if) these are required to be longer than the 5 metres included with

our screens (NOTE: 5 metres is the lead length NOT the distance).

You may also wish to order these (and any other leads)

early and have them shipped for laying under a floor etc.

When ordering more than 1 item please add these to

the basket individually.  This will allow you to choose

options (where applicable) for each item you add.

Optional Insurance: Our popular ‘loss & damage waiver’ just got better. Now priced at just 12% of the hire charge of the main page item only.

Any extra’s from the same page are covered at no extra charge.

Optional Damage & Loss Waiver

Audio Visual Hire... Sales... Installation... for over 24 years

0845 296 8820