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Mid Grey.

240 Volts, under 10 Watts (under 0.05 Amps).

(Body Pack):  4 to 6 hours ‘on-time’ per battery .

PP3 9 Volt Alkaline.

(High Quality Alkaline Types MUST be used).

Body worn transmitter, lapel mic, mains powered receiver,

mains power supply, one new Procell battery,

1m 1/4” mono jack output lead.

Sennheiser Lapel Radio Microphone

With optional licence certificate

Used widely by TV & Film companies Sennheiser microphones are well made and perform brilliantly.  These feature a wide choice of switchable frequencies to avoid clashing with another system in the same range (very important at exhibitions and conferences).  A  lapel microphone gives freedom of movement, but, with a BIG word of warning;  ALL Lapel microphones are extremely prone to feedback as they are very very sensitive (They have to be as they are positioned nowhere near the mouth and so ‘hear everything’).  A lapel microphone should only be considered for use where no alternative exists AND a feedback eliminator should ALWAYS be considered in a P.A. situation (loudspeakers in the same room - as is mostly the case of course).  A headset microphone is a far better alternative as it is held in close proximity to the mouth so does not need to be extra sensitive and so does not suffer from the same feedback issues.

PLEASE NOTE:  As many customers are now being asked for sight a licence during events, we can issue you with personalised licence documents detailing you as hiring from us with your company, show venue and show dates along with licensed operating frequencies for a one off administration fee of £25 per radio system.

Please Note:  Licence MUST be ordered at time of booking if required - we are unable to issue this afterwards.

£35 (single day hire)

£95 (up to 10 days hire)

Other Customers Added…

Duracell ‘Procell’

PP3 Alkaline Batteries

Personalised Radio

Microphone License

Feedback Destroyer

(especially effective

on lapel mic’s)

When ordering more than 1 item please add these to

the basket individually.  This will allow you to choose

options (where applicable) for each item you add.

Optional Insurance: Our popular ‘loss & damage waiver’ just got better. Now priced at just 12% of the hire charge of the main page item only.

Any extra’s from the same page are covered at no extra charge.

Hire Duration

Optional Damage & Loss Waiver

Add Feedback Destroyer

Add Batteries

Add Licence

Audio Visual Hire... Sales... Installation... for over 24 years

0845 296 8820