2000 ANSI Lumen Ultra Wide Angle Projector


This is a very unusual and bright (2000 ANSI lumens) true XGA resolution (1024 x 768) projector which works at an unbelievably short throw distance. The presenter can typically walk in front of the screen even when front projecting as this projector sits just underneath the front of the screen so is effectively still closer to the screen than the presenter.  The optics are made so that it throws the image up and out so projector placement is critical (it has to be this way or the projector would be in front of the image) – it’s that close!  This really has to be seen to be believed.  Truly brilliant!

How much room will I need ?
This projector is very different to a traditional projector.  It does not have a lens on the front but instead the image is effectively ‘bounced’ off special optics and then a set of mirrors set into the top of the unit and ‘appears’ out of the top of the unit.
Example – For a 1.5m wide image (5 feet), the front of the projector will only need to be around 40cm (1 feet 4 inches) away from the screen.  Given the very very short throw, projector placement is absolutely critical.  Still Confused?  Call us and speak to an engineer.