55 Inch 3D HD LED Display


Just like our 42” version of this screen, this screen also utilises the latest developments in 3D technology but on a much bigger scale.  Unlike earlier types of 3D screens which use expensive battery powered 3D glasses, this type of screen uses inexpensive and lightweight ‘Cinema 3D’ glasses.  In a nutshell earlier technology 3D screens only did half the work and the glasses did the other half.  Whilst this meant the screens were cheaper, the glasses were very expensive (often over £100) and had to be re-charged every night or they would not work the next day.  This was obviously a nightmare for exhibition use – especially as the power to the stands is switched off at night !  This type of screen does all the 3D work (it also displays in 2D should you have mixed media).  The 3D image is also stunning with none of the eye problems and headaches associated with the battery powered glasses.  All you need are the correct ‘Cinema 3D’ glasses – 10 NEW pairs are included with additional pairs priced at  just £2.50 each.  (Additional glasses MUST be pre-ordered of course as our engineers don’t carry them unless ordered). Connects to DVD, Blu-Ray (and of course 3D Blu-Ray), PC, Mac and games consoles. Available with either a desk stand, wall bracket or can be fitted onto a tall floor stand. Built in stereo speakers also allow for a neater look when using sound.

Please Note:  All 3D glasses we supply are yours to keep (We only supply NEW glasses).  However, many customers – clean these with disinfectant wipes etc and re-use them next time.  (You’ll also get 10 new ones from us next time).


With wall bracket fitted (WxHxD):   1298mm x 778mm x 23.5mm.

(Wall bracket ADDS a further 60mm to depth) (0-12 degrees tilt).

On desk stand (WxHxD):  1018mm x 849mm x 338 mm

(Desk stand depth includes stand base).

On floor stand – same as wall bracket EXCEPT 1.9m tall.