80 Inch Full HD LCD Touch Screen


An excellent professional touch screen by manufacturers NEC.  The first thing to note is that this is a no-nonsense Full HD, fully integrated touch screen and most definitely NOT A CLIP ON OVERLAY.  Anyone who has used an overlay will know only too well why this fact needs pointing out.  This is a truly no compromise FULL HD resolution LCD panel with a micro bezel of just 15mm with absolutely loads and loads of connectivity (although it is designed primarily to connect to a Laptop or Mac).  The commands from the touch screen are then passed by USB cable (included of course) to the PC or Mac.  (The software basically interprets this as a mouse command).   Available with either a desk stand, wall bracket or can be fitted onto a tall floor stand.  No built in speakers are included (no-where to put them) but we can supply you with a pair of rear mounting mini speakers should you need sound.  Please tell us on your order if you do.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Software (drivers) must be added BY OUR ENGINEERS to your Laptop.  This Laptop MUST be on-site for delivery.  The Laptop MUST allow software to be added – PLEASE CHECK that yours is NOT blocked by your IT department .  If in doubt why not hire a laptop with this as this will arrive configured.

Note:  We can send also you the software prior to the delivery date (Minimum 5 working days notice BEFORE event).