iPad Pro


WiFi enabled iPad. Supplied with a transit case, mains charger and sync lead.  The ultimate cool tablet computer with the build quality that only Apple can deliver. Output adaptors are available for connecting to external screens (although you are then tied to a cable so only use with caution).


Note on connecting to external screens (only if required).  Mac’s use Apple’s own mini displayport adaptors (not standard VGA / HDMI etc). If (and only if) you wish to also connect this screen to an external screen please ensure to order the correct adaptor (see below) for the connection (type of cable) you intend to use to connect to an external screen.  Our techncal crew can help you choose the most suitable so please get in touch should you need assistance. A word of warning;  Adaptors are NOT carried by our engineers unless pre-ordered as there are just too many permutations, so be sure to order if you need one.